Just a reminder!

Hello everyone! Though we made the announcement last week that Issue 4 of Promptly would be our last (and we were breaking from the prompts for our last month to concentrate on reading submissions), we’d like to remind you that there’s still time to submit! If you have writing inspired by ANY of the prompts from … Continue reading

A Very Important Announcement

Dear readers, writers, and word enthusiasts, We cannot thank you enough for the support you’ve shown Prompt & Circumstance. From its inception, sparked by a “six words” challenge between two friends, through its monthly prompts and multiple issues of Promptly, P&C has grown most into what we hoped it would be. More than just a … Continue reading

Promptly, Issue 3 now live!

Hello again, dear readers, writers, and general word-enthusiasts! Issue 3 of Promptly is now LIVE on our site, and this time we’ve given you three different ways to read it! As usual, you can view or download it as a PDF and read it on Issuu, but now you can also read the individual pieces and interviews … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, P&C!

Dear readers, writers, and devotees of the blank page, It was a year ago this month that our editors launched Prompt & Circumstance, inspired by a conversation about favorite words and phrases, and a challenge to write something–anything–that used all six of the favorite words/phrases named (they were, in case anyone is curious: dilapidated, snow … Continue reading

April Showers Bring…April Prompts!

Hello and happy National Poetry Month, dear readers and writers! Whether it’s poetry that gets your creative gears going, or fiction, or non-fiction, or experimental Mandarin-language playwriting, there are new Six Words, Run With It, Whatta Character, and Imagine prompts up at Prompt & Circumstance to inspire your writing this month. April is also the … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Lavina Blossom

“It might be a push-button phone or one with a dial, or a numbered scrap of burlap tacked to the wall at which I toss croutons, stones, hacky sacks. Once, it was a stack of drawers I had to pull out and push back in the right sequence. Always, I’m inept, my core strength gone, … Continue reading

Author Spotlight: Simon Barth

“Retching. Retch. What a perfect fit. Retch. Retch.” As the boy reflected silently on onomatopoeia from the driver’s seat, his mother sat next to him, reflecting on the word in her own, more vocal way into her late husband’s treasured Big Gulp. “Traveled a million miles, and it’s gonna travel a million more,” he used … Continue reading