1st Place


Robbi Nester

Whiff of a muskrat, many days gone
beneath the giant wheels of a passing
eight-wheeler, all the delicate bits
broken, till feather-light,
printed with a palimpsest
of unreadable hieroglyphics.
What had once been
solid flesh aspires to air.
I pause on the road’s shoulder
rapt as a videographer
seeing how it must have been:

First, the paunch split open,
spilling the bright guts.
The ribs, arched as a medieval
chapel, collapsed; then,
the memorial procession began,
all those scavengers
worshipping at the shrine
of what was edible.
But once they had gathered
all they could, the carcass sagged,
an emptied burlap sack.
Now I ponder what is left, this being
the core strength of the much vaunted intellect.


Prompt: Six Words, December 2013

Read an interview with Robbi!


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