August: Final Prompts for Summer Issue!

Howdy promptees! Just popping in to let everyone know that August has arrived, and with it, a new set of prompts. What’s in store to spark your imagination, you might be wondering? Well let us tell you: there are fires and chickens over at Run With It, an….interesting guest over at Whatta Character, trenchant luminescence (and much more!) in Six Words, and a point-of-view that just has to be seen at Imagine. Check them out, see what strikes your fancy.

As a reminder, since we are now embracing a quarterly publication schedule, Issue 2 of Promptly will be published on the 15th of September (keep your eyes peeled!), and though the August prompts are now up, we urge you to read, and write from any of the prompts up on the site from June, July, or August! And of course, we’d love to read what you come up with–submissions from any of this summer’s prompts are fair game for publication in Issue 2. Submit by September 1 for a chance to see your work in (digital) print!

From us to you, write on, writers!

Brandi & Shenan


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