New Year, New Things Afoot at P&C!

Hello fellow writers and poets!

To begin, we want to give you all our sincere thanks for supporting Prompt & Circumstance and helping to make it everything it’s become in 2013. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate everyone who has read, written, or found inspiration in our prompts since our launch last May. Next, we have exciting news to share about some new approaches we’re taking with P&C, starting in the new year!

First, we’ll now be holding two contests per year, one in the spring and one in the autumn, in order to determine the contents and contributors of Promptly. To help facilitate this, P&C will now be accepting rolling submissions, each of which will be considered for the upcoming contest. The winners will not only receive an award but also have their writing featured in Promptly. If you’ve submitted to us in the last couple months, your pieces will be rolled over to the spring contest.

Second, in addition to seeing the published versions of our best submissions in our issues of Promptly, we’ll also publish individual pieces on our site throughout the year, along with some fun “Author Spotlight” interviews with our writers/poets so that we can share with readers how these talented individuals used our prompts to produce their final work. Of course, these pieces will also be in the running for the upcoming contests and for publication in Promptly.

For more information about the Spring 2014 contest, head to our submissions page– and check out our December prompts to help you get a head start!

Thanks again to everyone in this wonderful community of writers, and we hope you and yours a wonderful holiday season and new year!

-Shenan, Brandi, and Erin


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