Author Spotlight: Simon Barth

“Retching. Retch. What a perfect fit. Retch. Retch.” As the boy reflected silently on onomatopoeia from the driver’s seat, his mother sat next to him, reflecting on the word in her own, more vocal way into her late husband’s treasured Big Gulp. “Traveled a million miles, and it’s gonna travel a million more,” he used to brag, the weathered, reusable container a small monument to his ability to stretch a dollar, to work hard, to make each drop of sweat count, to make much for his family out of the little he provided.

So begins “Big Gulp,” a short fiction piece by Simon Barth inspired by our Whatta Character prompt from November 2013, and the tale featured in our second “Author Spotlight” on Prompt & Circumstance. “Author Spotlight” features are intended to showcase the work that people are writing from our prompts and submitting to us, as well as probe writers’ minds on various aspects of their creative processes. All works featured this series are in the running for our current contest and for publication in Promptly.

Head over to Simon’s page to read the rest of this story, as well as find out what inspired him to write about these characters, how a near-breakup in a bar once resulted in a lost song lyric, and how Hall & Oates play a prominent role in his turbulent creative process…


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