Author Spotlight: Lavina Blossom

“It might be a push-button phone
or one with a dial, or a numbered scrap
of burlap tacked to the wall at which
I toss croutons, stones, hacky sacks.
Once, it was a stack
of drawers I had to pull out
and push back in the right sequence. Always,
I’m inept, my core strength gone, my fingers,
wrist, hands jerking or slipping. The dial tone
continues, the videographer nudges me, says
I’ve neglected to enter the area code. I try
again and again to call until
I’m certain it’s far too late.”

So begins Lavina Blossom’s poem “Recurring Dream,” the third piece of writing and contestant in our Spring 2014 contest to be featured in Prompt & Circumstance’s “Author Spotlight” series. The “Author Spotlight” series intends to highlight some of the work submitted to us this season and the talented authors behind them.

Trying to create a poem or a story imbued with whole meaning from an initial flash of inspiration can often feel like wading through a dream: one that feels intensely true, but is surrounded still in a shroud of mystery. Lavina took our Six Words prompt from December 2013 and created a poem that is both ethereal and immediate, in the way our most vivid dreams are, exploring what it means to try to find meaning in them, and to embrace their enigma.

Read the rest of this poem, and Lavina’s interview, here! And feel free to share this link with others, if you like what you read.

Keep reading and writing, as always!

-Shenan, Brandi, and Erin


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