Happy Birthday, P&C!

Dear readers, writers, and devotees of the blank page,

It was a year ago this month that our editors launched Prompt & Circumstance, inspired by a conversation about favorite words and phrases, and a challenge to write something–anything–that used all six of the favorite words/phrases named (they were, in case anyone is curious: dilapidated, snow blindness, radio silence, vampire bat, lemonade, and tiny kitten) . We could not be more astounded at how much P&C has grown and how many people have found inspiration in our pages in the subsequent months–not to mention at the incredible work that has been produced as a result of our prompts! We are so, so grateful for the support and enthusiasm you all have shown by reading, writing, letting us pick your brains for features like Author Spotlight, and allowing us to showcase your work in Promptly, and we hope this community of writers surrounding P&C will only continue to grow.

That said, we are gearing up to announce the winners of our Spring 2014 contest very soon, so be on the lookout! All contest winners will be featured in Issue 3 of Promptly, due out later this month. In the meantime, head over to the site to check out the May 2014 prompts and get writing!

From us to you,

Brandi, Shenan, and Erin


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