Promptly, Issue 3 now live!

Hello again, dear readers, writers, and general word-enthusiasts! Issue 3 of Promptly is now LIVE on our site, and this time we’ve given you three different ways to read it! As usual, you can view or download it as a PDF and read it on Issuu, but now you can also read the individual pieces and interviews on the Prompt & Circumstance site itself. And man, we’re just saying…you’re going to want to. Issue 3 features the winners of our Spring 2014 contest, along with their takes on writing, process, and creativity, and we couldn’t be prouder of the poetry and fiction included there. There is, for instance, a sinister family secret lurking behind a stop at a diner in Simon Barth’s short fiction piece Big Gulp,” a dream-like flow of images from the grotesque and carnal to the holy and reverent in Robbi Nester’s poem “Leavings,” a blurring of the lines between romance novel tropes and real life in Callie Leuck’s story “We Are Not In A Romantic Comedy,” and much, much more. So check it all out on our Current Issue page and read (and write!) on!


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