A Very Important Announcement

Dear readers, writers, and word enthusiasts,

We cannot thank you enough for the support you’ve shown Prompt & Circumstance. From its inception, sparked by a “six words” challenge between two friends, through its monthly prompts and multiple issues of Promptly, P&C has grown most into what we hoped it would be. More than just a website, and more than just a publication, it is a community, a gathering of pilgrims from all walks and all directions, all traveling to a common meeting place: the hallowed ground that is the blank page. Where they go from there is always up to them, but that thundering hush, that quiet surge of potential inherent in that starting place is one that has brought so many of us together over the years.

However, everything has a lifespan and a time when it feels right to come to a close, and we’ve decided we have reached that point with Prompt & Circumstance. We could not be happier with what P&C has been, could not have taken more joy in seeing people find some inspiration in our prompts to tell their stories (in whatever form they came), and could not have been prouder of the resultant work we were so lucky to have the opportunity to publish. However, this issue will be our last.

We are still reading submissions for our fall contest and will announce the winners soon, and of course, we look forward to publishing our final issue of Promptly soon after. Stay tuned for more details soon, and thank you, thank you, thank you, all of you who read, wrote, and followed us over the last couple years.

-Shenan, Brandi, and Erin



  1. Thanks all- we will definitely keep the site up and running as an archive. And no, it’s not too late to submit! We’re still reading entries now- but get it in soon if you do! The deadline is October 31 🙂

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