Editors’ Note: Issue 4

The introduction to our final issue will be short. What is there to say about endings that cannot be better said by everything that came before speaking for itself?

All things have lifespans, and we consider Prompt & Circumstance a wonderful little experiment in building a community around a common tinderbox for creative sparks. Those sparks lit so many beautifully diverse fires, kindled and tended in ways we couldn’t have imagined before encountering the hands from around the world that did so. It is, and will always be, a wonderful little thing that all of us—editors, readers, writers—did, for a couple of years.

We’d like to thank everyone who gathered with us and felt the warmth of creative communion. That, in itself, is proof that words matter, that what we do matters. All our work, our attention to the tiniest of letters, the particulars of feeling, the—in the words of Tony Hoagland—“spectacular range of idiosyncratic flavors that can be embedded in a particular human voice reporting from the field,” matter.

All that work will continue to matter after we’ve gone. Reporting one last time from the great field, this will be our final broadcast. All we ask is that you continue turning your dial, seeking out voices in the air, listening to what they have to say, and maybe speaking out some lonely night, for someone out there to hear.

Thank you for tuning in.

Shenan & Brandi


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