Six Words: January 2014

This month’s Six Words prompt includes the following words/phrases:







Use one of them, or all of them, or the words these six make you think of.


One comment

  1. January 2014—six words: Jan Miller
    Though aurorean beams had just begun to traverse the dashboard of Luke’s classic Jeep Cherokee, heat waves radiating off the sand promised a sweltering day ahead. With a giant groan he willed himself awake, massaging the crick in his neck, courtesy of shrapnel from a plate glass window in his last encounter with a deadbeat. His eyes finally open, they instantly lit on the one undeniable perq of conducting a beachside stakeout in Miami—eye candy!

    What fun!! Reminds me of how we used to try to put all of our spelling words in 2 or 3 sentences every week.

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