What’s Happening Here?

Each month, Prompt & Circumstance will provide new writing prompts in four different categories: Six Words, Run With It, Imagine, and Whatta CharacterThe main goal of our journal is to help you to ignite your writing process. Please use our prompts however you will, without restriction. If you start off inspired by something, but veer completely off track, that’s okay. We give you permission to twist and shrink and launch.

We hope you produce works you are proud of, or that lead to other works, or that end up being funny when you find them in your journal in 2036. We encourage you to write for yourself, for other journals, or to send your masterpieces to us for possible inclusion in our journal, Promptly. Most of all, we encourage you to write.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to write a personal essay, or to transport your readers to a land of magical realism, or to write a sonnet, or in free-verse, or maybe our prompts will lead you to create an entirely found-poetry sestina in trochaic hexameter. Write six great words, or a book. Our prompts are not intended to be genre-specific. Breathe ’em in; swish ’em around; go, go, go, go, go.

Please let us know about any successes you have as a result of our prompts; we like knowing what works. To submit to Promptly, please visit our Submittable site. Please include the original prompt with your submission.

Please feel free to contact our editors with any non-submission questions or feedback by emailing editors@promptandcircumstance.com