Whatta Character: August 2013

Here is our Whatta Character prompt for August:

Cindy Wong was a dog agility specialist who hated condiments and loved sweets. She competed nationally with Mr. Tangerine and Ms. Merengue, married a man named Jack who had a full wallet and an empty mind when he sat in the stands and tried to remember to clap at the appropriate times (dogs through hoops and such).

Jack Wong had been getting fat, Cindy Wong confided to her sister (along with the grocer, the barista at the coffee shop in their building, and the woman sitting next to the two of them on the airplane), so she had booked the two of them a fly-fishing trip to a remote area of Alaska. She was all set: she had twenty-five individually wrapped brownies, three packages of peach rings, seven movie-size bags of Haribo gummi bears, and four coats. She had called ahead to inform of her dislike of condiments, and hadn’t liked the sound of the man’s beard scratching the receiver on the other end.

How will this trip turn out…or will they make it at all? Let us know, or take them in an entirely different direction!


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