Whatta Character: July 2013

Here is our Whatta Character prompt for July:

The guard looked on as the man with crisply-pressed trousers and tightly-slicked curls emptied his pockets into the dog-bowl-sized bin to be x-rayed. His badge read “Juror 85409238” and the mound of items from his slacks quickly grew from Little Round Top to Mount Everest: keys, cell phone, wallet, of course, then receipts (A-1 Sporting Goods, PetWorld, Mama Steve’s House of Pancakes), cigarettes, cigarillos (green apple flavor), still-wrapped Bazooka Joe chewing gum, six dollars in Sacagawea coins, a small souvenir snow globe (“Detroit: America’s Comeback City!”), condoms (three-pack). Whether he’d packed his pockets purposefully for that particular day in court, or whether the collection was just one he happened to already have in those dress slacks, when the metal detector blared and the man produced the forgotten harmonica that had set off its screams, the guard wondered what musical instruments his other pants contained.

Take it away…


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