Whatta Character: June 2014

Meet this month’s character! He’s a doozy…

“Hey listen,” the guy in the seat behind, sharply dressed in a vest and tie, whispered over the back of the headrest. “People are actually considering this. This ass behind the wheel already has us 40 minutes behind schedule, and half of us will miss our connecting bus in Denver.” The edge of a pothole lifted the Greyhound temporarily off the pavement, a hang-time in the night air interrupted a half-second later by another hard crash to asphalt. “Now, if we go all-in on this,” his voice lowered, “the ex-Marine in the second row says he can take the governor off the engine, so we can drive faster than 70 miles an hour. If we drive 100 the rest of the way, we can actually make our buses on time.” He leaned back, adjusting his thick-rimmed glasses, the seriousness they implied in their framing of his face belying something dangerous behind his eyes. “You in?”

Where will you take him and the rest of the passengers? What could drive people (pun intended!) to take such measures?


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