Whatta Character: March 2014

Meet the character(s) of March:

He hadn’t waited for the elevator doors to close on their own; he’d jammed his finger into the “close doors” button as soon as he entered so the sight of floor twenty-six would be a memory that much sooner. He hadn’t even looked back on the empty space as he’d closed and locked the door behind him and strode toward the elevator bay. He scratched his nose and impatiently clicked his phone screen on and off as the doors opened again at floor eleven and a woman with an over-sized sun hat entered, carrying with her a large suitcase that pinned him to the left corner and an air of perfume and recently-smoked cigarettes. She hummed some tune at an obnoxiously unsubtle volume and he wished she’d stop fiddling with her purse, fishing around no doubt for something small and inconsequential like lipstick or a note she’d written that would be of no use until AFTER she got where she was going, dammit, and just press the goddamn button, he’d do it himself if he weren’t pinned back there. And that’s when they felt the sudden lurch downward, and saw the five-foot-by-five-foot chamber plunged into darkness.

What becomes of these two? And who are they? Tell us in  a story or poem!


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