Whatta Character: October 2013

Here is our Whatta Character prompt for October:

Sam had driven the delivery truck for Clorox for 24 years. Every week, some routes new, some routes old: every week, he shuttled bottles of bleach to hospitals, high schools, laundromats, grocery stores. Some bottles clanked heavily in green glass, some more mutedly in plastic tubs. But every day, they formed the music of his work. Sam enjoyed delivering the cleansing chemicals, the materials of erasure, the wipers of slates to blank. Until one day his delivery orders included an address on a street he’d never heard of before, which turned out to be less of a street than a roughly cut path through a wooded stretch up a mountain whose name, if it had one, was unknown to him. Until that day, after hours of struggling and shifting gears, when his left front tire caught a tree stump before his hands could respond and the car slipped backwards, overturning, shattering bottles and spilling bleach across the underbrush. Sam decided to leave the wreck and try to find the main road. But unbeknownst to him, he left a piece of himself behind in those bottles…

Take it away, folks!


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