Whatta Character: September 2014

Meet this month’s character!

He was tall, with thick calves, and a full head of brown hair turning white. After walking through a hallway heavy with the air of Vegas in August, each step full with the fragrance of perfume and sweet herbed smoke, he swiped his key card in our door, and was given the green light. It was an awkward situation for both parties, for sure; he hadn’t asked to be given a room with people already in it. So, on our way to the front desk, each of us had to reach for small talk. Noticing the tattoos on my shoulder, he mentioned his desire for some ink of his own. “I always wanted the Macintosh symbol on my leg,” he said, and I said, “Cool,” even though I didn’t think it was. “But, then,” he said, “I was getting a massage from a Chinese gal in Tuscon, and she said — well, let me back up — I was born with a caudal appendage; do you know what that is?” I replied that I did not. “It’s a little tail — ha ha — so, her idea, when I told her about my idea to get the Macintosh symbol on my leg, was that I should get it around the tail and have the tail be like the worm coming out of it, you know?”

Remember, folks, you don’t have to use these prompts word for word in what you write (though you’re free to use any and all of of them)! We just hope this fella starts some creative wheels turning….


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